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6 Best Video Podcast Software in 2023

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With millions of podcasts vying for listeners’ attention, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging for creators to stand out in the crowd. That’s where video podcasting software can help.

With the best video podcasting software, you can create compelling and engaging content that’s uniquely yours.

But which software is best? Let’s look at the top 6 software solutions for podcast creators this year.

Table of Contents

  2. GarageBand and iMovie
  3. Logic Pro & Final Cut Pro
  4. Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro
  5. Director Suite 365
  6. MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum with Sound Forge Pro

Final Thoughts

Top 6 Best Video Podcast Software in 2023

the best video podcasting software

1. tops the list of the best video podcasting software because of its ease of use, easy accessibility and large resource library.

One of the biggest advantages of for podcasters is the web-based recorder. Simply use your browser to create your podcast content – no installation required. For creators, this means that you can edit your content anytime, anywhere and on any internet-connected device.

But that’s not the only advantage of This free video podcast software also boasts the following features:

  • User-friendly, built-in editor where you can fine-tune your content.
  • Extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects to take your podcasts to a professional level.
  • Easy collaboration. Invite up to 9 guests by simply sharing a link to a recording room. No account is required.
  • Layouts, overlays and more. Enhance your podcast videos with professional design features accessible right in the studio.
  • Enhanced audio recording features, like echo cancellation and stereo audio.

Pros of

  • User-friendly interface
  • Browser-based recording and editing
  • Vast libraries
  • Easy collaboration tools

Verdict is the most accessible tool for podcast creators. Just visit the site and get started in a few simple steps without installing software.

With a vast library of resources, audio recording and editing tools and professional design features, is a tool for beginner and established podcast creators.

Garage band and iMovie main page screenshot

2. GarageBand & iMovie

For Mac users, GarageBand and iMovie can help you produce professional-level podcasts. Both applications have a user-friendly interface and advanced editing features.

With iMovie, you can:

  • Create styled videos with the tap of a button.
  • Add titles, music and transitions.
  • Use Storyboards or Magic Movie to assist with the editing process.
  • Choose from 13 filters and 100 smart soundtracks.

With GarageBand, you can:

  • Create professional-sounding music to accompany your podcast.
  • Use recording and editing features, including audio effect plug-ins.
  • Create up to 255 audio tracks.


  • Easy to use – great for beginners
  • Create iMovie trailers
  • GarageBand has virtual software instruments


  • Not as professional as other options
  • Doesn’t have advanced features


Overall, the iMovie and GarageBand combination is great for beginners who are just getting started with their podcasts. However, some creators may find that these programs are lacking some advanced features you’ll find with other options and the results aren’t as professional.

logic pro main page screenshot

3. Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro

Mac users who want a more advanced and professional option may find that Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are a better combination than GarageBand and iMovie.

With LogicPro, you can:

  • Record your podcasts whenever and wherever you want.
  • Create multi-location and live recordings.
  • Use their collection loops, instruments and samples.

With Final Cut Pro, you can:

  • Edit videos in 4K and 8K.
  • Edit videos intuitively through the timeline editor.
  • Add 2D and 3D titles, filters, green-screen effects and more.
  • Edit multi-channel audio.

Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are professional-level tools that come with a higher price tag and a steeper learning curve.


  • Professional-level audio and video recording and editing
  • 4K and 8K editing capabilities
  • High-end audio recording and mixing


  • Expensive
  • Not great for beginners


Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are both excellent tools for podcast creators, but they are more complicated to use and come at a higher upfront cost. For these reasons, they’re better suited for established podcast creators with bigger budgets.

Adobe Audition main page screenshot

4. Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro

Adobe is a leader in audio and video editing software, and its programs are compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Both Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro are available with a Creative Cloud subscription. Together, you can use these applications to record, edit, mix and distribute your podcasts.

With Audition, creators can:

  • Create, mix, edit and restore audio
  • Apply effects
  • Record and work with multitrack sessions
  • Integrate their podcast recordings with Premiere Pro seamlessly
  • Use waveform visualization

With Premiere Pro, creators can:

  • Trim and crop video content
  • Change speed
  • Add custom captions
  • Use Adobe Stock footage
  • Create stylized videos

Audition and Premiere Pro will take your podcast productions to a higher level, but it will come at a higher cost and a steeper learning curve.


  • Waveform visualization for audio
  • 4K video support
  • Non-destructive editing


  • Creative Cloud subscription is expensive
  • Complicated features and functions


While Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro can help you create professional results, these tools come at a high price. There is no option to purchase each program separately. The only option is to purchase a costly subscription.

Due to their advanced and complicated features, Audition and Premiere Pro are better suited for experienced users.

That said, if you’re serious about your podcast and want to take it to a completely professional level, Audition and Premiere Pro may be a good fit for you.

director suite 365 main page screenshot

5. Director Suite 365

Director Suite 365 markets itself as an editing studio for all creators. The platform offers advanced tools for editing audio, video, photos and more.

This suite of tools includes:

  • PowerDirector, which uses AI-powered video editing tools
  • ColorDirector, which allows for more precise color grading
  • AudioDirector, which will enable creators to edit their audio content
  • PhotoDirector, which allows you to edit photos

Additionally, you get access to royalty-free content from iStock and Shutterstock.

Other standout features include:

  • Background music
  • Sound effects
  • Video transitions
  • Expansive audio library
  • Cinema-quality visual effects
  • Vocal balance and removal
  • AI-powered wind removal and de-reverb

Different design packs are available to give you even more creative freedom with your podcast.


  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Suite of audio and visual tools that work together
  • Additional design and audio packs
  • Vast resource library


  • Requires a subscription


Director Suite 365 is a great option for beginners wanting traditional video and audio editing tools. However, these programs take up quite a bit of harddrive space and still require a monthly subscription.

MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum main page screenshot

6. MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum with Sound Forge Pro

MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum and Sound Forge Pro are professional-level tools used by many podcast creators.

Sound Forge Pro offers:

  • High-quality multichannel recording (up to 32 channels at a resolution up to 64-bit/768 kHz)
  • Audio editing tools that allow you to cut, edit and enhance your recordings.
  • Mastering features based on DSP algorithms that optimize loudness without impacting quality.
  • DynamicEQ to visualize your audio.

MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum offers:

  • Advanced color grading and correction
  • Image and text in motion
  • The ability to slow or speed up footage for special effects
  • Multi-camera editing
  • Access to a library of stock footage, music, animations, sound effects and more


  • Easy to use
  • Audio visualization tools
  • Advanced color correction


  • High upfront cost


MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum and Sound Forge Pro are both excellent tools for amateur podcasters. However, both tools come at a high upfront cost, and while easy to use, they still have a learning curve.

Final Thoughts

These are our top picks for video podcasting software in 2023. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned podcaster, on a tight budget or want to take things to a professional level, you’re sure to find a tool on our list that meets your needs.

Overall, offers the best combination of easy use and professional results. Plus, the ability to record and edit right from your browser makes it easy to get started and eliminates the need to install software. With a vast library of resources and easy collaboration, offers tools and features that will appeal to all podcast creators.

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