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8 Best Video Editors for Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram has over 2 billion active users. If you want your reels and stories to stand out, you need the best video editor for Instagram. The right reels editing app will transform your videos into beautiful productions that generate views and likes

Table of Contents

8 Best Reels Editing App Solutions

  2. InShot
  3. Adobe Premiere Rush
  4. Splice
  5. WeVideo
  6. Magisto
  7. Animoto
  8. VideoShow


In the guide below, we’re going to outline the best app to make videos for Instagram. We’ll provide you with many options to begin editing your footage, along with the pros, cons, and features that stood out to us the most during our review.

If you want to attract followers and enhance engagement, you need to start taking your content creation seriously. These apps and software can help.

8 Best Reels Editing App Solutions main page was developed to be the easiest platform for creating videos for Instagram. One single platform combines multiple tools, such as a live streaming studio, video editor, thumbnail maker, stock library, and more.

Completely cloud-based, you can use the online video editor to:

  • Resize and trim videos effortlessly.
  • Combine clips together and use 300+ million stock audio and video clips to enhance your productions.
  • Add multiple animations, fonts, colors, background styles, and more.
  • Text styles and effects can be customized. Add subtitles to your videos and even automatically generate subtitles in 20+ languages. Manual subtitles can also be added, and text can be customized.
  • Wave makes it easy to export clips to your Instagram account.
  • Boost audience engagement by adding “Subscribe” buttons to your videos, “Type here” overlays, and an array of other GIFs and stickers.

For beginners who want to start editing their reels and stories, is one of the best apps available.

  • Easy to add stickers and GIFs
  • Combine clips with stock videos and images
  • Resize feature to match Instagram requirements

If you want a single cloud-based app to make videos for Instagram, is the one we like best. You can seamlessly use the editor across devices and never need to install an app on your desktop to use it.

Millions of creators have chosen to use Wave to increase their following, engagement rate, and quality of their video productions.

2. InShot

InShot main page screenshotInShot has an app to make videos for Instagram right on your Android or Apple device. The app is intuitive and allows you to set the frame size to match Instagram’s best sizing options. You’ll enjoy basic features, such as splitting, trimming, and cutting your videos.

You can also blur the background of your videos to create a focal point in the video.

Filters, colors, and neat effects can be added to your videos in seconds. With the motion adjustment to slow or speed up video, you’ll have an easy time creating videos that improve your reach on Instagram.


  • Motion controls to speed up or slow down videos
  • Easy to add stickers to the video
  • Advanced background blurring


  • Branding added to free videos

InShot offers a lot of power in a compact app, but it doesn’t have the advanced power of some of our other options on this list. If you want to make fast and fun videos, you can rely on InShot to help you, but it lacks the power for advanced productions.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

adobe premier rush main page screenshotAdobe Premiere is what professional video producers use, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best apps for Instagram – or any video editing. The platform follows the same navigation that other Adobe apps have, so getting started with Rush is easy if you’ve used any of the company’s other products.

Artificial intelligence is used to capture the best moments in your videos, but it can cause nonsensical videos when using this feature.

However, there are a lot of great features that work very well:

  • Sync video to the cloud
  • Export to all social platforms
  • Advanced transitions, text, and filter options
  • Manual and automatic video creation


  • Easy to export to Instagram
  • Advanced transition options
  • Integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro


  • AI produces choppy results

Adobe Premiere Rush is a powerful app for editing Instagram reels and stories. While one of the most powerful editors on our list, the AI can cause some unwanted effects, too. The app is one that everyone who has used Adobe in the past will want to try.

4. Splice

splice web site screenshotSplice helps make your productions “flashy” with high-end effects for transitions. The app is easy to use and provides cinematic effects if you want to create movie-quality videos. Android and iOS apps are available, which feature:

  • Speed ramp, to slower speed up actions
  • Project tracking and management tools
  • Change colors with the tap of a button
  • Create automatic subtitles (soon)

Subtitles will be added in the future, and when they are, this app will be even more powerful.

  • Dynamic transition styles
  • Trendy effects and filters
  • Simple user interface


  • Automatic subtitles “coming soon”

Influencers rely on Splice for creating high-quality videos, so you know that the app works well. However, for all of the simplicity and great features provided, this is a tool that lacks the advanced features of some of the other options on our list.

5. WeVideo

WeVideo main page screenshotWeVideo is an online editor tool that’s free to try and easy to use. The platform has many features, including:

  • Green screen
  • Built-in stock content
  • Online-based editor
  • Video trimmer and merger
  • Add music and text
  • Video templates

WeVideo positions itself as a tool for businesses, schools, and individuals to edit and create videos for all platforms, including Instagram Reels.

They offer multiple subscription options to meet the needs of virtually every user.

  • Easy to import videos
  • Add text and transitions with the touch of a button
  • Branding options for video content


  • Expensive
  • The free plan is very limited

WeVideo is a good editor for reels and stories, but the high price and limited functionality in the free plan make it a less practical option for users.

6. Magisto

magisto main page screenshotMagisto is an online video editor that uses AI to transform photos and videos into stories. With this tool, you can:

  • Add music
  • Splice videos together
  • Add special effects
  • Add logos and captions

Magisto is a simple video editing tool that can help you create Reels quickly. However, it’s not ideal for editing the video itself.


  • Uses AI to create video stories
  • HD downloads
  • Branding options
  • Stock video and photos


  • Limited video editing options
  • Most features are aimed at businesses

Magisto has an impressive list of features, and its use of AI can help create professional-looking videos. However, most of the features and options are aimed at businesses and creating advertisements. There are also limited options for editing the video itself. You will want to search elsewhere if you’re looking for a tool with color correction, transitions, or filters.

7. Animoto

Animoto main page screenshot Animoto is a drag-and-drop video editor that even a newbie can use. The platform has a wide range of features, including:

  • Pre-made templates
  • Options for branding
  • The ability to collect and respond to feedback
  • Download and share videos

Animoto is geared more toward business professionals than vloggers, but you can still use the platform for creating Instagram Reels.

Along with editing tools, you also gain access to a music library and options for adding voice-overs. When you’re done creating your videos, you can download and share them right from your device.


  • The interface is easy to use
  • Music library
  • Tools help increase video engagement


  • Geared toward marketing and advertising
  • Templates aren’t of the highest quality

Animoto has a user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to edit videos for Reels. However, the entire platform is geared more toward marketing and advertising than creative content. The templates they offer are also not of the highest quality.

While a reliable platform, Animoto is only a good option for marketing professionals and beginners who want to make simple Reels. Other users will find that a different editing program would be the better option.

8. VideoShow

VideoShow main page screenshotVideoShow is a versatile and powerful video editor that can help you create beautiful Instagram reels. With this editor, you can:

  • Use themes
  • Add background music
  • Incorporate different text styles and fonts
  • Add filters
  • Blur backgrounds
  • Splice and merge videos
  • Add special effects

VideShow offers 4K support and 60FPS. Add stickers and doodles to your video, or use filters to create different themes for your Reels.

  • Easy editing using pre-made templates
  • Add music and extract audio
  • Export in 4K


  • Lots of ads if you’re using the free version
  • The app sometimes crashes unexpectedly

VideoShow offers a rich variety of tools for creating engaging, beautiful Reels. However, the app has a reputation for being buggy and too ad-intensive. If you’re serious about creating Instagram Reels, you may want to consider a more reliable video editing tool.


If you want to create more professional and engaging Instagram reels, these video editing tools can help you achieve that goal. Each one has its unique advantages and drawbacks. Compare the features, pros and cons of each one to find the best platform for your needs.

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