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How to Make Powerful Banner Ads

When it comes to banner makers, Animatron is simply the easiest and best way to create, optimize and export banner ads online. Before running headlong into creating your banner ads, here are two very important points to consider:

Decide on Banner Size

Before collecting all of your resources, it’s important to think about the space your banner ad will take up and how it will ultimately be displayed. Here is an amazing AdSense resource that depicts banner performance based on banner size. This will surely help you choose the best banner dimensions currently in demand.

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Static, Video or Animated Banner?

Choosing visuals for your banner can be an exhausting task, so before you go on your media hunt, keep these points in mind.

Static Images are the easiest resource to gather and ultimately the easiest to build your banner with the quickest turnaround. Only limiting you to zoom in/out of, pan, rotate, fade or move around, static images are your ticket to easy street. However…

Our human brains are much more attracted to moving images and analytically speaking, animation and video banner ads tend to perform 100 – 600% better than the static alternative – on top of the added bonus of providing more time to display product/business information and CTA. The drawback is perhaps creativity and time to produce, but we know you have the drive to stand out! The latest online technology allows people with little video and animation-making ability to create their very own professional-looking banners in as little as 10 – 20 minutes! Sound too good to be true? See for yourself! Create your very own web banner with ease by following this extremely helpful and informative tutorial:

Also consider your call to action to entice your audience to click on the ad. The CTA may very well be the most important part of the banner, to let potential customers know what’s required of them to find out more and investigate further. Generally shown as a button-like element, the CTA offers an implied area for the viewer to click on and engage the next step. The message should suggest exactly what they should expect next. Messages like: – Click to Learn More! – Purchase Now! – Subscribe Today! – Try it FREE! – Sign me up! These CTA’s beautifully convey the action, price, deal and time they have to take advantage of the offer, simple, short, sweet and directly to the point.

Google Adwords and DoubleClick

Assuming you have already produced a few banner advertisements in the Animatron Editor, you may soon realize that there is more to creating your own banner ads than just clicking the Download button. You seem like a smart cookie… and since you’re here, I’ll let you in on a few quick tips and considerations to avoid drowning in the milk, while wrapping up your new banner ad.

Then, just upload your zip files to DoubleClick’s Validator – and test out your banner ads. I hope you’ve learned a great deal about mastering your own banner ads! These tips should help keep you in a sweet state of satisfaction. Now, go become the king of your marketing campaign, with Animatronthe Best Online Banner Maker Ever!

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