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How to Make a Spooktacular Halloween Video in 5 Minutes

When the calendar hits mid-October, it’s obvious that ~~winter~~ Halloween is coming. Carved pumpkins, candles and pointy hats fill supermarkets, and everyone’s excited about the season. This time of the year is a perfect time for companies to get creative with their marketing and add a bit of weirdness to their content strategy. And what better way is there to boost your content than video?

Here’s how you can create branded animated Halloween video in just 5 minutes.

Step 1. Open Animatron – the animated video maker. This is our workspace, where we will be creating our Halloween video.


Step 2. Choose a set that you like best, then select a background and simply click on it. It will appear automatically on the canvas.


Step 3. Add more details to your Halloween video. Scroll down through the set to find more props, characters and even music to accompany the animation. You can add all elements to your story with a simple drag-and-drop. For yet more animated characters, make sure to check other sets in this category, too.


Step 4. Add text to the Halloween video. Simply click that “T” symbol on the Toolbar and start typing on the canvas. Add typography effects to make the video more engaging.


Step 5. If you want to brand your Halloween video, import your company’s logo by using the Import option. Place it on the canvas as you need.


Step 6. Export your Halloween video directly to social media accounts like Facebook or YouTube. You can also download it in a video or GIF format. The visual can be also used as a static image: simply download it as .png and share with your audience or use in a blog. Marketing managers speak a lot about repurposing content. Since you already have a ready-to-use customized Halloween image on this step, it will only make sense to use it in your marketing campaign.

Here’s the link to the project, in case you would like to copy and customize it.

Best Halloween video ideas for your company

Now that you know how to make a Halloween video in only 5 minutes, there are endless options of how you can animate your Halloween marketing campaign (get it? animate with animation! ?). The stats show that Halloween spending has grown 12% year over year. In 2016, total combined spending is expected to reach $8.4 billion. With 171 million Americans planning to celebrate Halloween, this is a marketing opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Here are some ideas how you can use video to boost your marketing campaign for Halloween.

Product Promotion

We normally think of Halloween as a big deal only for retailers, but this is underestimating the potential of this holiday, really. Come up with a Halloween sale or a promotion. Attract your viewers’ attention by creating a short animated video with a call to action.

Video Invitation

Is your company hosting a Halloween event this year? Spread the word with fun animated invitations or short thematic GIFs. Such formats are great for sharing across social media, which will help you get the company name out there, spread the word and do PR.

Animated Halloween card for e-commerce

If you sell things on the Internet or have any kind of an online business, you can create a fun Halloween “thank you” card to be emailed to your customers. It will definitely not be one of those emails that doesn’t get opened.

Ready to try any of these Halloween video ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Or start creating now!

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