How to Choose the Best Animation Style for Your Explainer Videos

There’s a growing body of evidence indicating that animated videos are the most effective videos for landing pages, explainers, and introductory videos. Not only does animation allow you to present complex topics in a simple and engaging way, but they are often less expensive and easier to produce than live action videos.

While most of us probably think of our favorite Disney movies when we think “animation,” there are actually many more styles of animation, and each of them has their own strengths. Because not every style is well suited to every purpose, it’s important to understand how each can affect your message, and how to go about choosing the right style for your explainer video.

Mobile Marketing Trends You Cant Ignore

Last summer, Google made headlines when it announced that, as many had predicted, more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on PCs. This announcement came on the heels of the news that mobile traffic makes up almost half of all e-commerce traffic, and that conversions on desktops are declining while mobile conversions are increasing.

These numbers even led “Wired” magazine to predict that within the next two years, most people won’t even own or use PCs anymore, and will rely entirely on their smartphones and tablets.

The rapid rise of mobile is probably not a surprise to most marketers, but it does require a shift away from the “business as usual” approach that many have taken in recent years. The fact is, for any business to thrive in the current climate, it must acknowledge current trends and adjust it’s marketing mix and tactics to better meet the needs of mobile users. This starts with understanding the primary influences on mobile marketing, and how they affect their business.

Trend #1: The Decline of Flash

Using Flash for video and animations has been falling out of favor for several years, but over the last year the number of experts calling for an end to the software all together is increasing. Successful marketers understand that in order to reach a mobile audience, HTML5 is a necessity since neither Android nor iOS will support Flash.

Creating HTML5 banner ads ensures that they will be seen across devices, browsers, and operating systems, and allows you to create more responsive and customized ads for different audiences. Bottom line? If you are still including Flash banners instead of HTML5 banners, you’re undoubtedly losing conversions.

Why You Need a Landing Page Video — and How to Make It Successful

If you’ve done any online marketing at all, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that driving traffic to your website isn’t enough. Sure, you want people to click on your site, but unless they convert — i.e., buy something, join your mailing list, download a resource — all of that traffic isn’t going to help you grow your business.

There are a million and one ways that you can go about increasing conversions, but one of the most effective means of spurring visitors to act is video. Multiple studies have shown that including a video on your landing page increases conversions, often significantly.

Typically, using video increases conversions by about 80 percent, but there are companies that have seen as much as a 250 percent increase. While such dramatic results aren’t always guaranteed, there is enough evidence to indicate that taking the time to create an engaging video is a worthwhile endeavour.

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Learn How to Animate Your Own Selfie Photo

Howdy there! Did you know that Animatron has an awesome feature that allows you to take Selfies with your webcam? Well, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of how you can use this amazing feature to easily animate yourself and your friends, from all of your favorite pictures! It’s so much fun to play with!

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Step-by-Step Guide

Hello and welcome from the Animatron team! This step-by-step instructional guide will assist you with planning and producing your very own Explainer Video. Using the Animatron Editor and a few, free 3rd-party programs to help you along the way of producing Explainer Video for your company, products and/or services!



Come up with an idea and write it down. Include dialogue, narration and notes on how it will be animated. Effective explainer videos have 3 parts in common:
- They outline the problem and hook related audience
- Show a solution using product/service pitch
- Wrapping up with a call to action.
The script will act as the supporting structure of the video, throughout the entire process.
Tips on Explainer Script


Just follow your script to draw a sequence of the key scenes, providing structure and solid foundation for future visualisation.
The storyboard serves as a graphic organizer that provides the viewer with a high-level view of a project.
Learn More


An audio recording of the scripted dialogue and narration used to set the rhythm, pacing and mood of the story.
This step is essential to set the overall video length and provides a solid base for your supporting animations.


Backgrounds, pre-animated characters, props, and other visual elements are selected for final quality. Typography and transition effects  should also be decided on.
Here, static illustrations are extrapolated into animated assets and brought to life!
All of your designs and characters can be altered and/or animated using the Animatron Editor.


Sound FX are added to enhance some key animations and make actions stand out, boosting the overall message significantly.
Background music is applied to support the story, emitting the desired emotional reaction.


Test the whole project and all of it’s elements for audio/visual clarity, timing and pacing, before rendering the final video.
Export into an HD video or HTML5 format, depending on your needs.
Good luck on your explainers and remember, Animatron has your back! So, send any/all explainer video and editor questions into The Animatron Team

5 Easy Steps for Recording Voice-Over Dialogue

Hello there, newcomer! You have just stumbled upon an amazing resource to help with that all-too-critical explainer video you’ve been toiling over. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps that will improve your voice-over skills and help you master any current or future projects that require some dialogue recording.

1. Overcome Self-doubt

You, like many many other DIY-ers, may suffer from your own crushing self-confidence. Whether it’s that awkward sensation of talking to someone when you know they aren’t there, or feeling like your voice isn’t clear enough for others to understand – even just disliking the way your voice sounds when you play it back to yourself, are common fears people dwell on. Take a few deep breaths and speak each line as if you were having a conversation with an 8-year-old.