St. Patrick’s Day Is Next Tuesday! How Will You Celebrate? is celebrating with a new animation on our landing page, where a four-leaf clover brings gold and rainbows to Animatron Hero and Animatrini! If you haven’t seen our new color tween feature – where the colors in your animation fade seamlessly from one to another – you can see it in brilliant green in this delightful animation!

Bring the luck ’o the Irish to your Animatron projects!

Just in time for the holiday, we’ve added some Emerald Isle shapes to the toolbar. You can use these figures to send holiday cards to your friends and family, or just to have fun. Raise your glass to St. Patrick, and make your animations shine like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Here’s wishing all our Irish friends – and, on St. Patty’s Day, everyone is Irish!! – a happy and healthy holiday!

Safari Leaves Chrome and Firefox in the Dust Loading Editor!

When you open Animatron Editor at you are navigating directly to Cloudfront - Amazon Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Just in case you were living in a cave and don’t know what CDN is, here is how Amazon describes it:

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that gives businesses and web application developers an easy and cost effective way to distribute content with low latency and high data transfer speeds.

In other words, it is a way to make static content load quickly anywhere in the world. Animatron Editor is a javascript application – it is essentially static content – so it is a perfect candidate for distribution via a CDN.

Let the User Control the Shapes in Your Animation, Right From the Keyboard

Animatron is working hard to refine our interactivity. Meanwhile, our Player already has an API through which you have full control of your movie. You can give the user the ability to switch layers with the press of a key. It’s an easy thing to set up if you familiar with JavaScript and HTML5. (And you are willing to embed the project into a website)

First, prepare your project in the Animatron Editor.

Watch Our Animatron Team Grow and Change

At the end of November, our marketing manager announced that she was leaving us for greener pastures. The team was shocked, our CEO shaken! – no one could believe a better place than Animatron existed! Still, here we were at a farewell lunch for Catherine, wishing her luck in her new work life. I was doing QA at that time, and stepped in to pinch-hit until we could find a replacement, hardly a simple task. Over the course of a couple of months we noticed that the sky didn’t fall after all, and the number of our followers on Twitter increased five times, along with their engagement! The Animatron blog was populated with interesting content and the number of new sign-ups hit an all-time high. I am pleased with the results, I enjoy this work and I’m staying put!

Integration With Stepic

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Animatron and! It’s the start of a long and fruitful collaboration!

First, I would like to introduce Stepic to the Animatron audience. Stepic is an educational engine and platform, focused on STEM open lessons. The Stepic platform allows educators to easily create practice-oriented, interactive tutorials.

Our New Valentine’s Day Landing Page

… plus a peek at the story behind the animation.

Valentine’s Day is a day when all hearts warm to love. We’ve been thinking about love here at Animatron, too, and we were inspired to find a true love for our hero, Animatron!! Our team absolutely adores the new home page animation featuring Animatron Hero and his girlfriend, Animatrini!!

Easy Guide on How to Make Color Tween Animation

Lighting affects our mood and color makes an impression on our feelings. In the morning, we feel full of energy and in the evening we are more relaxed. Soft sunshine calms us. Stormy skies make us more alert and a little anxious. In animation, people use color to communicate a mood.

Here are examples of how color changes the mood of Animatron Hero. In each picture, Our Hero is exactly the same, but colored differently:

Sad Animatron Hero:

How to Replace One Object With Another Keeping Animation

Want to replace a cute cat with a cute puppy in your animated sequence, without starting over from scratch? I will explain it in a few easy steps!

Our users said it is the feature they want the most … so, our developers came up with this intuitive UI. I really enjoy it myself!

Often during a project, we create effects that we would like to keep, but we decide to change the character. Let’s say we want to replace one animated character with another: here’s a way to keep the animation and replace only one object.