Teacher’s Feedback Wanted

Over the course of last half a year we noticed a great deal of interest to Animatron from educators.

Teachers write to us asking excellent questions, they need tutorials, curriculums, on-line courses. And most importantly they teach students animation techniques in Animatron. We often see waives of similar projects on our Explore page.

Believe me it is a very pleasant feeling to observe development of animators of the future!

We know teaching is very hard, noble and valuable work and recently Animatron team set a goal to provide all the necessary features to make teaching animation with our tool The Best Teacher-Student experience possible!

Here is a list what most of the teachers want:

  • To have safe and secure environment free of adult content.
  • To have personal cabinet with dashboard to post homework assignments and announcements.
  • Using master teacher’s account to be able to place students into groups providing each student with unique login ID and password.
  • To have the ability for all projects to be monitored and accessed from the teacher’s account. 
  • To have control over student’s project sharing and publishing options.
  • To display statistics about students’ progress, time they spent in Editor and on particular assignments etc.
  • To stay connected to other teachers to share lesson plans, ideas, and methodology.

Now it is the time when you, as a teacher, have an opportunity to influence our work and shape Animatron for Education!

Send us email at or simply comment here with your ideas, concerns and suggestions!

Editing Motion Path

Here is a new along-awaited feature: you can now edit motion path for your animations. To do that you simply click a path curve like any other curve:

As you do that, all the usual nodes and handles come up and you’re free to do whatever you want, adjust handles, add and remove nodes and use the node conversion tool:

Check out a short demo that illustrates how easy it is to adjust motion paths. A cute ghost is taken from our shape library and given the ability to fly:

Thanksgiving Is Coming

We have added new shapes just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays!

Check it out and create some cool clip about pilgrims and indians.

Our animator Ely created beautiful animation for the landing page. If you have not seen it yet, go and check it out.

Opening Url on Click

While we bringing interactivity back to life many of our users need to do something simple now. Like opening an url when somebody clicks on their clip. Here is a workaround you can use now:

  • Download HTML5 code via main menu and unzip it

  • Open project.html in your favorite text editor and find there the section which looks like this

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var width = 550;
        var height = 450;
        var playerParams = {
            width: width,
            height: height,
            repeat: false,
        var WRAPPER_ID = 'target';
        var wrapper = document.getElementById(WRAPPER_ID);
        document.body.className = 'no-iframe';
        wrapper.className = 'no-iframe'; = width + 'px'; = height + 'px'; = -Math.floor(width / 2) + 'px'; = -Math.floor(height / 2) + 'px';
        var filename = 'project';
        var animation = {......};
        var player = anm.createPlayer(WRAPPER_ID, playerParams).load(animation, anm.importers.create('animatron'));

  • Change the following parts there

    var playerParams = {
        width: width,
        height: height,
        autoPlay: true,        // THE CLIP WILL AUTO PLAY
        repeat: false,
        controlsEnabled: false // NO PLAY/PAUSE BUTTONS WILL BE SHOWN

    var player = anm.createPlayer(WRAPPER_ID, playerParams).load(animation, anm.importers.create('animatron'));
    wrapper.addEventListener('click', function() {'');

Now the clip will play right away, no controls will be shown and when clicked it will open, check this out below:

Sneak Peak: A Preview of Upcoming Features

Two cool new features will soon be available in Animatron - here’s a preview of what they’ll look like.


A much-wanted feature, scripting and interactivity were actually available in Animatron quite some time ago. Users could add handlers in Javascript and select inputs (like on-click or hover)and events (like go to scene or open URL) from a drop-down list of code snippets. A few months ago, we disabled this feature in the Editor while we refactored the player API and designed a more user-friendly UI for choosing events; now we’re working on reintroducing interactivity in the Editor and hope to have it available by the end of November.

Pattern Fill

A new tab will soon be joining the color options in the FIll section of the Inspector panel - “Pattern.” Pattern fill will allow you to select an object and fill it with a variety of prepopulated patters, or generate a random patter. We’re currently testing out this feature, and it will be available in a few weeks (along with color tweens!)