Salma Jafri webinar how to amplify video content

You have probably heard all about how video is what you should be producing right now. Let's face it: people want video, search engines want video. Everyone wants video!

However, creating videos at scale is a huge challenge. Where do you start? How do you amplify your video content? Where and how do you promote your video content once you create it?

Fret not: we are here to help. We partnered up with Salma Jafri, a video content strategist, to bring you the webinar series "How to Craft a Video-First Content Strategy". Sign up at the link below to secure your spot!

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Who is Salma Jafri?

Salma Jafri, a video marketing strategist Salma Jafri is a YouTube Certified Video Content Strategist and an international speaker. She is the Founder of the #BeTheMedia Mastermind – a video training academy for entrepreneurs. She is a Channel Partner and Contributor at and hosts a weekly video show on YouTube called “Be The Media”.

What Can You Learn from This Webinar Series?

Think about it: what if you could start the content creation process with a video first, and then derive all other types of content from it? It's easy to do it with the framework that Salma Jafri, a video content strategist, is going to share in her first webinar, "How to Craft a #VideoFirst Content Strategy".

Here's just a fraction of what Salma will speak about during the webinar:

  • How to craft a #VideoFirst content strategy

  • It’s 2018: video is the new blogging

  • How other forms of communication are derivative from video

  • Define your creative strategy (education - inspiration - entertainment)

  • Introduction to the H3 (Hero-Hub-Help) video content framework

  • Examples of H3 framework in action

During the webinar, you will learn about the importance of a video content strategy to strategically amplify all content creation.

The second webinar, Create Content at Scale: 40+ Pieces Every Week from 1 Core Idea, will teach you how to take one idea and turn it into dozens of awesome pieces of content to share with your audience. Here's a brief plan of the webinar:

  • The 80/20 rule of content creation

  • What’s content upcycling?

  • Keyword research for core ideas

  • Create a mind map using core themes

  • Craft a content calendar

  • Content creation hacks

  • Benefits of content upcycling

The webinar will help you save time and resources in content creation by using the upcycling strategy.

Register today and get a FREE ebook "How to Create 40+ Pieces of Content from 1 Core Idea" by Salma Jafri! In addition to that, get a chance to win a free 30-min consultation on video strategy with Salma.

Salma Jafri webinar