While developing Animatron, we’ve had hours and hours of discussions about user experience design and how to design our tool’s UI to give users the most intuitive experience. Since the timeline is basically the backbone of Animatron - it’s where you control all the animation in your project, after all! - we’ve given especially careful consideration to it, and we’ve implemented a multitude of different ways to interact with the keyframes and tweens that the timeline contains.

What’s new for the week of June 16th - some updates on recently added features:

  • Full HD video publishing is available for Pro subscribers! You can export your projects as beautiful, crisp videos like our unlucky ninja, above.

  • The fonts you choose in the Editor will display in published GIFs and videos now (no more generic fonts)

Plus, a few new keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier:

  • Holding Shift while rotating an object will cause the object to snap to increments of 15 degrees.

  • Command/Ctrl+M creates an image of the current frame …

  • … And, pressing F10 while previewing a project will restart the preview from the beginning.