… plus a peek at the story behind the animation.

Valentine’s Day is a day when all hearts warm to love. We’ve been thinking about love here at Animatron, too, and we were inspired to find a true love for our hero, Animatron!! Our team absolutely adores the new home page animation featuring Animatron Hero and his girlfriend, Animatrini!!

Lighting affects our mood and color makes an impression on our feelings. In the morning, we feel full of energy and in the evening we are more relaxed. Soft sunshine calms us. Stormy skies make us more alert and a little anxious. In animation, people use color to communicate a mood.

Here are examples of how color changes the mood of Animatron Hero. In each picture, Our Hero is exactly the same, but colored differently:

Sad Animatron Hero:

Want to replace a cute cat with a cute puppy in your animated sequence, without starting over from scratch? I will explain it in a few easy steps!

Our users said it is the feature they want the most … so, our developers came up with this intuitive UI. I really enjoy it myself!

Often during a project, we create effects that we would like to keep, but we decide to change the character. Let’s say we want to replace one animated character with another: here’s a way to keep the animation and replace only one object.

Rachel Gillett is a multimedia journalist and editorial assistant for’s Leadership section. Her work has been featured on,, and elsewhere. She currently lives in Jersey City and enjoys contributing to the vibrant arts and crafting scene there.

To make your quest for a more productive self this year something you can really work towards, we asked some of the most productive we work with all year what they do in their everyday lives to get so much done. Here’s what they had to say:

Over the course of last half a year we noticed a great deal of interest to Animatron from educators.

Teachers write to us asking excellent questions, they need tutorials, curriculums, on-line courses. And most importantly they teach students animation techniques in Animatron. We often see waives of similar projects on our Explore page.

Believe me it is a very pleasant feeling to observe development of animators of the future!