Hopefully your summer was a blast! You worked on your tan, traveled the globe or just epically binged on some Netflix shows.

Now it’s time to go back to school and settle into the normal rhythm of things. Here are some awesome tips for both the returning student and teacher to Have a Rockstar New School Year.

  • Summer Adventures - You’ve for sure had some adventures over the summer so share them! Using Animatron in you classroom is an excellent way to both get to know your students and classmates and share a funny or interesting event from your break. We’ve even shared our own personal story to help to get you started.

  • Team Work - Did you know that Animatron is the only FREE real-time collaboration animation tool?! You’re in luck! What that means is that just like Google Docs you and your classmates don’t need to worry about those dreaded group projects. You can create them entirely in Animatron. Which means hey teachers now you can give out homework that’s actually fun to do, and keep your students engaged in class. Here’s another example project to help kickstart your idea factory.

  • Classroom Presentations - Amp up your classroom presentations with ANIMATION! Don’t just share boring slides: tell a story, add sound effects, narration and music. Animatron is a surefire way to make your classroom presentations both fun and exciting for teachers and students. We have even started an example project to help you get the ball rolling and begin sharing your awesome presentations.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your rockstar new school year now!


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