Enter Animatron’s #EmotiContest NOW!

Seize your chance to be social, get noticed and win prizes!

We, here at Animatron, will be hosting a booth at the event and are feeling super emotional about it. With this fun and amazingly easy interactive emotions contest, we’d like you to express and share how you’re feeling about attending this awesome event as well!

Since this is a contest for what we think is a pretty awesome prize, the rules are as follows:

  • Create your own emotional reaction video HERE and share it to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts before 11:50 am April 18th.
  • Kick back, relax and enjoy the Social Media Marketing World event.

Winning prizes will be awarded to:

  • Most Liked
  • Most Shared (retweeted)
  • Most Adored (positive community replies)
  • Funniest Video
  • Most Clever Video
  • Shining Social Media Rockstar (Allstar)!

What can I win, you ask?

  • A trophy to proudly display your prized achievement!
  • Promotional Animatron annual PRO Subscription ($240 market value) + T-shirt + Stickers!
  • An Animatron Website and mailing list announcement, and the #SMMW16 #EmotiContest winner’s invisible crown :-)

The Winners will be announced on all of our social media channels and events pages, afternoon on April 18th!

You can pick up your prizes and trophies at the Animatron booth in the Network Plaza!

Remember, be emotional, be social and spread the word!

Enter here

Good Luck! We hope to see you all at the event!

The Animatron Team

P.S Hashtags #SMMW16 and #EmotiContest will be auto added to your posts for maximum exposure!