Teacher’s Feedback Wanted

Over the course of last half a year we noticed a great deal of interest to Animatron from educators.

Teachers write to us asking excellent questions, they need tutorials, curriculums, on-line courses. And most importantly they teach students animation techniques in Animatron. We often see waives of similar projects on our Explore page.

Believe me it is a very pleasant feeling to observe development of animators of the future!

We know teaching is very hard, noble and valuable work and recently Animatron team set a goal to provide all the necessary features to make teaching animation with our tool The Best Teacher-Student experience possible!

Here is a list what most of the teachers want:

  • To have safe and secure environment free of adult content.
  • To have personal cabinet with dashboard to post homework assignments and announcements.
  • Using master teacher’s account to be able to place students into groups providing each student with unique login ID and password.
  • To have the ability for all projects to be monitored and accessed from the teacher’s account. 
  • To have control over student’s project sharing and publishing options.
  • To display statistics about students’ progress, time they spent in Editor and on particular assignments etc.
  • To stay connected to other teachers to share lesson plans, ideas, and methodology.

Now it is the time when you, as a teacher, have an opportunity to influence our work and shape Animatron for Education!

Send us email at or simply comment here with your ideas, concerns and suggestions!