The Graphical Web Conference

Last week, Dmitry and I gave a presentation on our new animated text feature at the Graphical Web Conference in Winchester, UK (you can read the abstract here and download the presentation slides here). It went really well, the audience was very receptive and had some great questions at the end!

We took the opportunity to attend a few of the other conference presentations - the W3C Standards and Implementors Panel on the last day was especially interesting, it was great to hear about what’s up and coming in browsers. Some things we learned:

  • 2D HTML canvas is already hardware-accelerated in most browsers, and in the ones it’s not, it will be soon.
  • 2D canvas (not just webgl) is high priority.
  • SVG + SMIL is IE’s to-do list, but it’s not top-priority.
  • SVG in general on the rise big time; everybody’s talking about it.
  • Text on canvas is low priority, they advised us to use layouting in DOM and then to use the metrics on canvas (which we already do in Animatron).

Overall, the Graphical Web Conference was fun and informative, and we hope to present again at next year’s conference in Pittsburg, USA.

- Catherine Arizan, Marketing Manager