Introducing Our New Website!

After five months of discussions, design revisions, and different ideas - our Basecamp project is approximately a million comments long! - we are excited and proud to unveil Animatron’s brand new website.

A lot changed between March and now: our first draft of the landing page featured our explainer video.

It wasn’t until later that the idea for our Animatron-Hero-as-Scientist materialized. Our designers created the entire front page animation in Animatron, of course.

(Click here to open this project in the Editor).

Our Plans section also changed quite a bit, both in terms of design and copy. Here’s our initial concept:

And the final version, which provides a lot more information and has explainer microcopy for each item on hover.

Some concepts were pretty solid throughout the design process, though. Our animated icons started out as basic sketches …

… and evolved into Animatron-created color icons:

Many thanks to the team at Heyllow for their work!

Head over to to check out the new website in all its glory - and feel free to share your thoughts on the design with us at