Introducing a Brand New Video Tutorial Series! Part I

This week we’ll be sharing a five-part video tutorial that will walk you through the creation of the multi-planed, multi-layered panning background above. Our animator will demonstrate each step of the design and animation process!

The background was created in Animatron, of course, but the principles and techniques you’ll learn are relevant across all animation tools - perfect for beginners.

A little bit about the animator and creator of this series:

Joe Campanaro is an East coast animator and illustrator specializing in creating imaginary worlds and characters and bringing them to life. With a degree in animation, Joe has both worked in and taught animation production and has been working toward becoming a visual development artist for animated projects. Joe strives for similar quality and bases his work on classic animation. Currently, he’s looking for the next big animation project to sink his teeth into. When he isn’t working he enjoys watching movies, reading comics, going to comedy shows and eating candy.

Now, time to start learning! First up, in Part 1: using vector shapes, the pen tool, and gradients to build the background’s foundation.