We are very excited to introduce VIDEO to the Animatron community!

Now, you can import film excerpts, personal movies and web clips directly into Animatron, where you can integrate them with your animation projects.

Here is what you can do with video TODAY:

  • Import mp4 (or avi, mov etc) videos into Editor
  • Play with the video image stream -- rotate, resize and fade -- the only limit is your imagination
  • Overlay your video with drawings, text, objects and animations
  • Mask your video with any shape or clip
  • Work with audio and stream of images on separate layers for greater flexibility
  • Keep the size of project small -- we automatically exclude the unused portion of your project in the HTML5 product
  • Import an audio file for your video clip
  • Loop the video inside of project

Video gives you an exciting foundation for animation, banner ads, landing pages, tutorials and explainers.

Video and animation -- along with voice, music and sound -- will let you enhance your website designs, annotate your family albums, make your games pop and make your web marketing more flexible and fun.

We still do all the things our users love -- create lively projects in the cloud and publish them anywhere, in HTML5, animated .gif, SVG SMIL and mp4 video -- but now, we do it with video, too!

Have fun working in Animatron!!