Picture this:

you’re researching ways to show off “how to use video” in your animation projects and your first thought is kittens -- not just any kittens -- talking kittens. Some immediate, overwhelming need to search for fuzzy and cute cuddlicious creatures, catapulted me on a quest to find some helpful references. An hour or so of “research” lead to these viral internet sensations... MEOW & WOOF


Slap a picture of a cute wittle kitty into the editor and record some video of yourself making the cutest kitten speech you could possibly muster, from your underwhelming baritone voice. Which reminds me -- here’s a free, priceless vocal exercise for you! (just so happens to reference a ‘meow’ sound)

Sounds easy enough in theory...So, what could go wrong?

Brace Yourself:

A little uneasing, amiright?



Alright, so it turns out that overlapping video of your own mouth onto an adorable little fuzzball is not as “awww”-inspiring as one might have been mislead to believe… This soon began a bit of buzz over inter-office comms and was alternatively attempted by our awesome Content Specialist, Jesse Bray. Let’s see where his inspiration took him…

Well that’s certainly more pleasant than a cruelly disfigured feline. Perhaps not as appetizing as one might find a regular-old, non-sentient dentist denier (rumor has it). But, most definitely something you could see going around the classroom without a seemingly lopsided percentage of grimaces, from onlookers. Either way you prefer your uncanny and verbally-vibrant inanimate objects, you are sure to have a good laugh from your viewers reactions!

Let us know what your immediate reactions were to these two videos, in the comments below or on youtube!

Want to make your own talking objects like the ones above? Learn how by following this helpful walkthrough guide!

Think you’ve got an amazing idea for a talking object or character? Let us know by adding the hashtag #talkingthings to your projects’ description! And as always, be sure to share your videos on social media!

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Have fun and happy animating, Animatron-ers!

Your friendly neighborhood "animation guru", -Bryce