Save the date!
Join Kate and the Animatron Team for this wonderful Presentation
“The Power of Visual Storytelling for Business”
at The Venture Cafe in the heart of Cambridge, MA on Feb 11 at 6:30 - 7:30

Have you ever been to The Venture Cafe in Boston? You should visit it at least once! Chances are you will have a great time, meet new awesome people and learn something useful. After having a glass of complimentary wine or beer, you may start to experience a generally great feeling of being part of something big and exciting – the Bostonian entrepreneurial community.

On February 11th, you will get an exclusive opportunity to listen in on “The Power of Visual Storytelling for Business” presentation. It will give you an overview of the evolution of storytelling, reveal behind-the-scene psychological impact of presenting information in a story format; provide an overview of the popular visual formats used by today’s businesses, emphasizing on current trends; followed by tips on how to choose the right format to maximise performance, generate more leads and attract attention to your brand. I promise you won’t get bored! In fact, I hope you will feel enlightened and definitely energized by it. :-)

At the end of the presentation, everyone is welcome to ask questions about visual storytelling and more.

The Venture Cafe is open to the public on Thursdays, as early as 5pm. If you plan to listen in on the presentation, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to beginning, to allow yourself time to get comfortable and hold your seat. The number of seats is limited.

To be on the safe side pre-register here, now.

Who should attend this event? I prepared the presentation with the small business owner, entrepreneur and entrepreneur-to-be, in mind. But I believe anyone will enjoy and benefit from it.

You are cordially invited! See you there soon!


Step-by-Step Guide

Hello and welcome from the Animatron team! This step-by-step instructional guide will assist you with planning and producing your very own Explainer Video. Using the Animatron Editor and a few, free 3rd-party programs to help you along the way of producing Explainer Video for your company, products and/or services!



Come up with an idea and write it down. Include dialogue, narration and notes on how it will be animated. Effective explainer videos have 3 parts in common:
- They outline the problem and hook related audience
- Show a solution using product/service pitch
- Wrapping up with a call to action.
The script will act as the supporting structure of the video, throughout the entire process.
Tips on Explainer Script


Just follow your script to draw a sequence of the key scenes, providing structure and solid foundation for future visualisation.
The storyboard serves as a graphic organizer that provides the viewer with a high-level view of a project.
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An audio recording of the scripted dialogue and narration used to set the rhythm, pacing and mood of the story.
This step is essential to set the overall video length and provides a solid base for your supporting animations.


Backgrounds, pre-animated characters, props, and other visual elements are selected for final quality. Typography and transition effects  should also be decided on.
Here, static illustrations are extrapolated into animated assets and brought to life!
All of your designs and characters can be altered and/or animated using the Animatron Editor.


Sound FX are added to enhance some key animations and make actions stand out, boosting the overall message significantly.
Background music is applied to support the story, emitting the desired emotional reaction.


Test the whole project and all of it’s elements for audio/visual clarity, timing and pacing, before rendering the final video.
Export into an HD video or HTML5 format, depending on your needs.
Good luck on your explainers and remember, Animatron has your back! So, send any/all explainer video and editor questions into The Animatron Team

Hello there, newcomer! You have just stumbled upon an amazing resource to help with that all-too-critical explainer video you’ve been toiling over. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps that will improve your voice-over skills and help you master any current or future projects that require some dialogue recording.

1. Overcome Self-doubt

You, like many many other DIY-ers, may suffer from your own crushing self-confidence. Whether it’s that awkward sensation of talking to someone when you know they aren’t there, or feeling like your voice isn’t clear enough for others to understand – even just disliking the way your voice sounds when you play it back to yourself, are common fears people dwell on. Take a few deep breaths and speak each line as if you were having a conversation with an 8-year-old.

Tremendous Animatron greetings to you, curious one! Bryce here, your friendly “Animation Guru”.

Odds are, you’ve just typed “how to write an explainer video script” or some other generic array of explainer video terminology into your favorite search engine, hoping to get the best front page results that will solve all of your script writing woes… Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no instant solution to writing an effective script on your own. Unfortunately, our information overlords at Google have yet to create an “app for that”. However, like many writers before me, a well-worded search can provide you with a wealth of leading information that can guide you in the right direction – or at least help you to update your Scrabble cheat sheet.

Well, allow me to trump your elite word-game skills and help rouse your scriptwriting ambitions by telling you I’ve already gone on the word hunt and pooled it for you, here. With a deluge of extremely helpful articles out there in digital space, I’ve managed to purposefully narrow down these best 6 tips for writing your own explainer video script.

Is Web Summit a new Klondike?

We arrived in Dublin a day earlier. Everything around the city was already buzzing. Hitting registration line at 9p.m the night before opening ☺ I couldn’t help but thinking: “The conference must be an incredible event and this line is alive proof!