For decades, Flash and the internet have been inextricably linked. For years, pretty much any time you saw something moving online — whether the blaring, neon-soaked banner ads of the late 1990s or the subtler carousels that gained favor in the mid-2000s — it was created with Flash.

Over the last few years, though, the calls for developers to stop using Flash have grown louder and more insistent, with one blogger even calling for the entire web development community to agree on a defined end date to declare Flash dead once and for all.

While it may still be too soon to declare a time of death for Flash, it does appear that the technology is gasping its final breath. With the rise of HTML5, and the numerous benefits that it offers developers, businesses, and users, there’s increased sense that Flash simply has too many limitations to continue to be a viable option.

If you think a few hand puppets, migrating over to HBO from a struggling network, is big news… wait until you hear all about our NEW Bone Tool, in the Animatron Editor! That’s right – that same warm fuzzy feeling a humorous and educational horde of shaggy creatures gives you, is also experienced when you consider using our Bone Tool for animations!

Chances are Adobe Flash Professional still hangs onto your digital artists toolbelt, caked up like a dusty old relic that left you yearning to pose and animate rigged 2D characters in your projects. Animatron’s Bone Tool seeks to rejuvenate that lingering desire left eating away at you.

Be forewarned: in its current state (05/02/2016) Bone Tool is in its Alpha stage, meaning it will go through some technical changes as its functionality improves.

When you want to create a deeper connection with your brand and engage your audience more effectively, few tactics are better than video. Whether you choose an animated or a live action video, adding an introductory video to your website content is proven to increase engagement, lengthen time on your site, and contribute to increased conversions.

The key to any successful introductory video is a solid script. This isn’t the time to try to wing it and try to speak off the cuff, or simply repeat the same information that anyone can discover by reading your “about us” page. No, a script is necessary to ensure that you stay on point, present a unified vision of your brand, and drive your desired actions.

Admittedly, writing the script is often the most challenging aspect of creating a video, thanks to business intro makers that take a lot of the technical guesswork out of video production. The time and effort you put into the script will pay off though, when your customers are left wanting more — and respond to your calls to action.

There’s a growing body of evidence indicating that animated videos are the most effective videos for landing pages, explainers, and introductory videos. Not only does animation allow you to present complex topics in a simple and engaging way, but they are often less expensive and easier to produce than live action videos.

While most of us probably think of our favorite Disney movies when we think “animation,” there are actually many more styles of animation, and each of them has their own strengths. Because not every style is well suited to every purpose, it’s important to understand how each can affect your message, and how to go about choosing the right style for your explainer video.

Last summer, Google made headlines when it announced that, as many had predicted, more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on PCs. This announcement came on the heels of the news that mobile traffic makes up almost half of all e-commerce traffic, and that conversions on desktops are declining while mobile conversions are increasing.

If you’ve done any online marketing at all, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that driving traffic to your website isn’t enough. Sure, you want people to click on your site, but unless they convert — i.e., buy something, join your mailing list, download a resource — all of that traffic isn’t going to help you grow your business.

There are a million and one ways that you can go about increasing conversions, but one of the most effective means of spurring visitors to act is video. Multiple studies have shown that including a video on your landing page increases conversions, often significantly.

Typically, using video increases conversions by about 80 percent, but there are companies that have seen as much as a 250 percent increase. While such dramatic results aren’t always guaranteed, there is enough evidence to indicate that taking the time to create an engaging video is a worthwhile endeavour.

Seize your chance to be social, get noticed and win prizes!

We, here at Animatron, will be hosting a booth at the event and are feeling super emotional about it. With this fun and amazingly easy interactive emotions contest, we’d like you to express and share how you’re feeling about attending this awesome event as well!

Since this is a contest for what we think is a pretty awesome prize, the rules are as follows:

  • Create your own emotional reaction video HERE and share it to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts before 11:50 am April 18th.
  • Kick back, relax and enjoy the Social Media Marketing World event.

Winning prizes will be awarded to:

  • Most Liked
  • Most Shared (retweeted)
  • Most Adored (positive community replies)
  • Funniest Video
  • Most Clever Video
  • Shining Social Media Rockstar (Allstar)!

What can I win, you ask?

  • A trophy to proudly display your prized achievement!
  • Promotional Animatron annual PRO Subscription ($240 market value) + T-shirt + Stickers!
  • An Animatron Website and mailing list announcement, and the #SMMW16 #EmotiContest winner’s invisible crown :-)

The Winners will be announced on all of our social media channels and events pages, afternoon on April 18th!

You can pick up your prizes and trophies at the Animatron booth in the Network Plaza!

Remember, be emotional, be social and spread the word!

Enter here

Good Luck! We hope to see you all at the event!

The Animatron Team

P.S Hashtags #SMMW16 and #EmotiContest will be auto added to your posts for maximum exposure!

  1. First of all, it is a fun way to use your creativity muscle!

  2. It is easy and takes no time. All you will need to do is to pick background, animated character, type in text and share. It only takes a minute to create a highly engaging video. Isn’t it great?

  3. SMMW marketers are always hunting for a savory piece to feed the Content Monster. We think about our Emotion Contest page as an “Easy Video Content Generator Tool”!

  4. To entertain your audience, while providing relevant material.

  5. To try new stuff. It is scientifically proven, trying new things is an excellent exercise for your brain! So yes, sometimes it is good to be selfish ;-)

  6. You will get a cool T-shirt, and possibly win a trophy!

  7. If you already use the very popular Pablo by Buffer, you will love Emotion by Animatron. It is just like Pablo, but it’s an animated video instead of a still image with quoted text!

Are you ready to create an Awesome Video?
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We can’t wait to see your Emotions!

Animatron Team.

This contest is designed for SMMW16 attendees and it is simple:

Reply to Animatron’s pinned Twitter post, with a hilarious, meaningful or “social media marketing world”-relevant reaction to the video by 11am April 18th.

All participants get a limited edition T-shirt (while supplies last)

There will be winners for the 3 most LOL replies, and the most liked reply. So share!

The winners will receive:

  • Trophy “LOL Leader of SMMW16 Cartoon Caption Contest” + Animatron PRO Subscription (1 year - $240 value) + priceless limited edition T-shirt!
  • Trophy “Most Like-able Marketer of SMMW16 Cartoon Caption Contest” + Animatron PRO Subscription (1 year - $240 value) + priceless limited edition T-shirt!

The winners will be announced on all of our social media channels and events pages, April 18th afternoon, your trophy will be waiting for you at Animatron’s booth at SMMW16 event!

Remember, be social and spread the word!

This contest is judged exclusively by the Animatron Team and Twitter analytics.

Good Luck and we hope to see you at the event!

The Animatron Team

Howdy there! Did you know that Animatron has an awesome feature that allows you to take Selfies with your webcam? Well, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of how you can use this amazing feature to easily animate yourself and your friends, from all of your favorite pictures! It’s so much fun to play with!