You can easily create simple shapes like rectangles, ovals, etc. in Animatron. You can even draw completely new shapes using the Pencil or Bezier tools, but it may be time consuming. We recently added yet another way to create shapes - it’s easy and powerful, but probably needs some explaining (especially if you are not expert in Illustrator or other vector editors).

Finally, after more than a year of development, we are ready to release the preview version of Animatron!

Animatron is a revolutionary new web application that allows you to easily create HTML5 games and animations directly in your browser. The animation above is a really simple example of what you can do with the program. It took me about 2 minutes create it, and it plays on devices from iPhones to desktops without Flash.

The preview is currently open to everyone, but we will be rolling out an invitation system soon and will be keeping it by invitation only until our first open release later this year.

Please send us your feedback, praise and suggestions - we are going to make Animatron the best animation tool on the planet and need your help!

Congratulations to my amazing team on the release, and thank you for all your hard work!

Dmitry Skavish Founder and CEO