During development, we often run into usability problems. Sometimes the solutions come easily, but other times we spend a lot of time brainstorming and making mistakes in order to solve them. The more challenges our team face, the happier we are when we manage to find a solution. We are always very excited when we find an elegant solution – it’s like solving a puzzle: you try harder and harder and when you finally get it you feel high and rewarded for your efforts!


Brian and Andrew, 2nd year students at Rochester Institute of Technology, will be working on developing games using Animatron in the Cambridge office for the next two months.

Brian is studying Game Design & Development, and Andrew is studying Computer Science. Both sing in collegiate a cappella groups and love video games and programming!

Examples of their work can be found on their websites:

One of our software’s newest features is called “Snap to Path” - at least, that’s what we’re calling it at the moment, after struggling to come up with a better title. Take a look at what it does and email us with better ideas about what to name it!