Teachers in every state and country will tell you that while there may be standards and textbooks, individual children challenge them every day—with different learning abilities and speed, with different approaches and strengths. So how then do you adapt a traditional classroom to meet the needs of every individual?

Content creation is no easy thing, especially if you want it to be shareable, attractive and professional looking, preferably all at the same time. It gets even more intricate when it comes to video production. Where on earth can I find royalty-free images, let alone video? How am I supposed to put text over the video that I found?..

In Animatron, we feel for you. That is why we are happy to announce the arrival of 500,000 items to our Marketplace.

If we think about our own memories, we may notice how words can easily be forgotten when pictures tend to stay in our mind. By nature, people are visual and attracted to images. So it was 30,000 years ago when first drawings appeared at Chauvet Cave in the South of France, and in the 1890s when the history of film began, and even more significant now in times of growing information overload.

Video marketing is one of the hottest, most effective content marketing techniques going right now — especially animated videos. And why not? Animation is fun, and it makes your explainers way more interesting than a boring old brochure.

But as with anything great, it only works if you do it right — especially when it comes to whiteboard videos. Whiteboard videos are simple and effective, but you have to avoid a few common mistakes.

The end-of-the-year period is a magical time: streets are decorated with lights; holiday markets invite to spend another hour or so walking through the aisles; store windows display attractive price tags and announce year-end discounts. In other words, holiday is in the air. That said, isn’t it exactly the right moment to go an extra mile and accelerate your marketing performance?

Not long ago Microsoft PowerPoint was the only software people used to create presentations. Designs offered in PowerPoint were limited which inevitably led to the same slide styles, backgrounds and transitions rotating over and over again, passing from one presentation to another, finally making up a phenomenon called Death by PowerPoint.

So we’ve all heard by now that “banner blindness” is a real problem in online marketing these days. All those startling statistics about how you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than get clicks on a banner, how someone can spend several minutes on a page and still not see your ad, how it’s just a waste of time and money, etc. all seem to overlook one important fact: When done right, banners still work.