Half a year ago I announced the first release of Animatron. The release was private, just for a few friends and colleagues, and it was supposed to remain private for only 3 - 4 months while we ironed out most of the bugs and polished the UI.

Well, as often happens with complex software projects, the date of public released slipped a couple of times while we were:

  • adding support for html5 sound
  • adding javascript scripting to the editor and the player
  • redesigning timeline behavior
  • adding easings
  • adding new upload
  • adding video and gif export
  • redesigning the website
  • redesigning the editor’s UI
  • adding many tools
  • fixing zillions of bugs
  • adding three backend stacks: production, test and development
  • scaling production to the point where we can add servers as the load increases

I can go on listing things forever, but what I really want to say is that we have been super busy making Animatron simply the best online animation tool out there!

We have absolutely groundbreaking bleeding-edge technology on both our backend and our client, and we are working really hard on making the tool even better and more usable with each day that goes by.

With today’s release we are opening Animatron to the public, and we hope our users will love our product even more than we do!

Stay tuned to more posts from the team, and please share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

So you’ve created your first HTML5 animation using Animatron - congrats! Now it’s time to share your project with the world (or not, depending on your preferences). Let’s direct our attention to the “Sharing Options” in the Inspector Panel.

During development, we often run into usability problems. Sometimes the solutions come easily, but other times we spend a lot of time brainstorming and making mistakes in order to solve them. The more challenges our team face, the happier we are when we manage to find a solution. We are always very excited when we find an elegant solution – it’s like solving a puzzle: you try harder and harder and when you finally get it you feel high and rewarded for your efforts!