The third part of the “Creating an Internet Ad” video tutorial series is here - many thanks to Joe Campanaro for putting it together!

If you missed them, here’s Part 1and Part 2. Altogether, the three videos teach you all the steps to designing and publishing a multi-scene animated banner ad that will play everywhere - no Flash, no problems, all HTML5.

You can open the full project in the Animatron Editor to look under the hood, and duplicate it to make changes and build on the original.

Where do you live?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Did you study animation at a school or are you self-taught?

I’m self-taught.

How long have you been animating, and what made you become interested in it?

I started animating at the age of 12. I’ve always loved drawing and watching cartoons, so it was an early passion of mine

Do any particular styles or animators inspire your work?

Nothing in particular. I get my ideas from the strangest of places.

Besides animation, what are you interested in?

Mythology, history, cultures, prehistoric life and b-movies.

Waldemar’s Animatron projects can be found here; check out the rest of his work on his website!

We’re excited to announce our very first contest!

Entering is super easy: just create an animation in Animatron, then share the link to the published version on our Facebook page or @Animatron on Twitter. An impartial panel of judges (ok, members of the Animatron team) will watch all of them and award prizes to the first, second, and third place entries.

First Place: $150 Visa card Second Place: $100 Visa card Third Place: $50 Visa card

You have total artistic freedom regarding your animation. Basic or complex, serious or funny, short or long - it’s completely up to you. The only rules are that you have to submit your project by May 26th, and that Animatron employees can’t participate (sorry!).

We’re looking forward to checking out everyone’s submissions. Good luck!

-The Animatron Team