Every few months, all of us here at Animatron set aside some time to work with the Editor, creating a project and keeping careful notes of our thoughts and interactions with the product along the way. We think it’s really important to actually interact with the tool that we’re building! This exercise, which we call “Drinking Your Own Champagne*” is extremely useful in helping us decide what new features and functionalities should be prioritized in development, as well as finding bugs and usability issues.

Scenes are convenient way to organize your project in time and reduce the number of layers shown in the layers panel. You can think of them like folders on your computer - each scene is a self-contained unit made up of different elements (images, objects, audio, tweens, etc.) that can be moved around in time.

Priy Santikary and Alissa Skavish, both students at Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough MA, are joining us this summer to work on creating video tutorials about Animatron’s features. In addition to being coworkers, they’ve also been best friends since sixth grade!

When she’s not at work, Alissa’s interests include dance, especially ballroom dancing. She loves to read books and learn new things, and friends and family are a huge part of her life. She also loves spending time outside and would rather be outside all day rather than inside watching a movie. In the future she’s thinking of going into Biology, leaning towards Neuroscience.

Priy’s off-hours interests include playing basketball, running, and spending time with her friends and family. She hopes to study computer science in the future and become a programmer.