Step 1
Type “” in your browser window.

Step 2
Select a Background from our Market or use one from your computer or Google and import it into Animatron, using the Import button in top-right corner of the Editor. Alt

Step 3
Select animated characters or static shapes and simply drag-and-drop them onto the Canvas. I used Shapes/Halloween and Character folder.

![Alt]( "Image")
![Alt]( "Image")

Step 4
To animate your postcard, you will need to move your objects on the Canvas. For example: I made the bat smaller at first, then at 4 seconds, made it grow larger.

![Alt]( "Image")
![Alt]( "Image")

right-clicked on timeline and I made action reverse


Step 5
Select time when you want the text to appear on your card. Type in your text and animate it (resize or move and rotate if you want to) I just Selected Text effect, so text will appear letter by letter with whoosh. Alt Second line will just “appear” – I changed text opacity from 0 to 100%

Step 6
Import Sound effects (I found some in the Market and imported some from free online sources) Here is a 2minute tutorial on how to work with audio files – move and shorten the Timebands. Alt

Step 7
Publish your project and share the link with us/friends/colleagues from editor, or go to your own profile page. Alt and share the link there Alt

And there you go! You’ve created an Animated postcard in just a few minutes! Now, just relax and wait for your friends to scare you out of your mind 😉

P.S. Here is my project for you to Duplicate and play with:

And yet another project, where I made a postcard in 1 minute (just selected a background, animated characters and Text):