Welcome, Animatron Aces!

We’ve reached the Fall season and trees are shedding faster than a faceless man in Lannisport. This can only mean, the Animatron Editor has also shed again, revealing a new feature at its core … Basic Interactivity with the Actions Tool!

If you’re adventurous or resourceful, you’ve discovered this Actions Tool a short while ago, spiking the question mark-shaped hairs on the nape of your neck. No need to fear its existence on your Toolbar … it’s here to stay and now with some nifty little tutorials to help you get started using it!

The Basics: If you’ve spent your golden years of the internet, learning Flash animation, and happened to develop a few animated Web Banners along the way … This is where we’ll shake up your nostalgia and give you those throwback feels. Take a look at this tutorial on the basics of Web Banner Interactivity, below!

The Internet has convened, and had you weighed, measured and found wanting. So, away with you, Flash! You will be loved, but the unfortunate taste you’ve left, lingering in our metaphorically, lemon-scrunched mouths, have called forth the need for HTML5 domination!

Here comes Animatron, busting down old walls and building bigger, stronger, and better walls in its place!

Intermediate Interactivity: We’ve just taken the liberty to pick that jaw up for you and shamwow-ed the drool, below it, for good measure 😉

Okay, seriously though, now you have alternatives to Flash Actionscript and it begins here:

So where does this leave us? Interactivity is essential to the world wide web of fun, and we plan on giving it to you in a BIG way!

Currently in the works: Stop Actions, If/Then Actions, Click-and-Drag and Drag-and-Drop Actions, etc…

The ultimate goal is a full series of commonly-used, interactive features to help you amplify your animations in ways, yet to be enjoyed!

Enjoy our new Actions Tool and Animate forth, my interactivity minions!

Sincerely, -Your Animatron Guru