1.First of All, the number of our users tripled in 2015! We started this year with 41 thousand and ended with 143 thousand people who believe in us! Ya--hoo!!!

2.Our team also grew. 4 new talented team members joined Animatron:
Bryce - Animation Guru, Alexander - backend project manager, Tanya - QA Engineer, Roman - front end developer.

3.Content Library was created and populated with content. It is Free and it already has hundreds of backgrounds, animated characters and pre-animated sets on top of shapes, props, sound effects and music. Alt

4.Drag-and-drop basic interactivity, that requires no coding, was introduced Alt

5.Starting October 2015 our users may import Video, play and animate Video stream, in the Editor!

6.One Click Export & Sharing to YouTube, Twitter, Google Ad words. There is a choice of link, video or gif sharing options now.

7.Now, there are color tweens!

8.Replace an animated character or object and keep the tweens.

![Alt](https://assets.animatron.com/old-blog/img/Summary2015/image02.png "Image") no reason to choose between cats and dogs when you can have both with just a few clicks of a button.

9.Background and Fill Patterns:

Choose between standard and your own patterns ![Alt](https://assets.animatron.com/old-blog/img/Summary2015/image07.png "Image")

10.Import images and arrange them in sequence! Alt

11.Attention dear gamers! Animatron sandbox is back again! Enjoy playing with player API here http://animatron.github.io/player/sandbox/sandbox.html

12.New and exciting Editor facelift we’ve prepared for you as a part of our new UI design!

13.The Scene Inspector, to the right of the Editor, lets you easily control your scene’s duration.

14.You’ve requested the ability to add project descriptions, and now you may type it right into the project Inspector - simply, click on the project name, next to the Main Menu icon, to begin making changes.

15.Didn’t we mention our new, magical searching by tags, titles and authors, on our website? Well, here below the project description, you now have the ability to add your own project tags!

16.Check out our forum and help pages with an updated and well organized knowledge base and the whole Animatron community to socialize with!

17.Text-to-Shape converter

18.Eraser & Pipette tools

19.To better address our new users needs, we came up with 2 new Landing pages!

[https://www.animatron.com/landing/explainer](https://www.animatron.com/landing/explainer) [https://www.animatron.com/landing/banner](https://www.animatron.com/landing/banner)

20.New well-organized tutorials

[![Alt](https://assets.animatron.com/old-blog/img/Summary2015/image04.png "Image")](https://www.animatron.com/tutorial) [https://www.animatron.com/tutorial](https://www.animatron.com/tutorial)


With our new watermark our users get the opportunity to test and enjoy the full-featured product, for free. ![Alt](https://assets.animatron.com/old-blog/img/Summary2015/image00.png "Image")

On this happy note we end list of Year 2015 Improvements and wish you and your business once again Lucky, Great, Prosperous 2016 Year!!!