Our New Valentine’s Day Landing Page

… plus a peek at the story behind the animation.

Valentine’s Day is a day when all hearts warm to love. We’ve been thinking about love here at Animatron, too, and we were inspired to find a true love for our hero, Animatron!! Our team absolutely adores the new home page animation featuring Animatron Hero and his girlfriend, Animatrini!!

This is how we reached this happy ending.

It all started around Valentine’s Day last year, when Natalia and I felt that Animatron Hero missed having a girlfriend, a pet, a bunch of kids, a flying car, a helicopter and a 007 badge. We needed to test a new Pen tool anyway, so I came up with this:

Our team cheered!

Then I skyped with our designer in Odessa, Ukraine. Artem rolled his eyes and said something like:

- Well, well, I like her actually, a lot, and her broom.
- Excuse me, that is a brush tool!
- I see… She has this energy you know, but she is not the right match for our guy.
- And why not? I asked with surprise.
- Look, no worries, we will get a girlfriend for Our Hero eventually, but look at her knees!
- What’s wrong with her knees?
- Well, for starters, she has them!
- ?!?!?!
- Our Hero is illustrative, and his girlfriend should be, too.  They should match!

So, our designer picked up his mouse, and after about a year of hard work, gave Animatrini a refreshing makeover!

He also sent us his version of the back story of our romantic couple. Here it is, translated from Russian:

“Animatron Hero is a tough guy, who is too busy saving the world with animations to think about love and all that jazz! He is drawn in black, white and orange. He stands surrounded by cold, harsh mountains. Then along comes Animatrini – her superpower is to spread love! Unlike Our Hero, she is very colorful, and her hair is even the same shade of orange as our logo. She waves her magic brush tool – and hearts fly through the air and enchant Animatron. A smile brightens his face and the sun of love rises above the mountain valley of Terra Animatronia!”

Our team loved the story, and we sent it to our animator, Elizabeth, who lives and works between Sweden, Canada, and Mexico :-) Our e-mail found Elizabeth enjoying “the winter” in Mexico, while we in Massachusetts were shoveling snow to clear a path to the office :-)

First, Elizabeth came up with some sketches:

And, over time, these became the ADORABLE animation on our landing page:

Happiness reigns over Terra Animatronia!

We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, too!