Sneak Peak: A Preview of Upcoming Features

Two cool new features will soon be available in Animatron - here’s a preview of what they’ll look like.


A much-wanted feature, scripting and interactivity were actually available in Animatron quite some time ago. Users could add handlers in Javascript and select inputs (like on-click or hover)and events (like go to scene or open URL) from a drop-down list of code snippets. A few months ago, we disabled this feature in the Editor while we refactored the player API and designed a more user-friendly UI for choosing events; now we’re working on reintroducing interactivity in the Editor and hope to have it available by the end of November.

Pattern Fill

A new tab will soon be joining the color options in the FIll section of the Inspector panel - “Pattern.” Pattern fill will allow you to select an object and fill it with a variety of prepopulated patters, or generate a random patter. We’re currently testing out this feature, and it will be available in a few weeks (along with color tweens!)