2 Design Conferences - and 2 More Coming Up

We’ve attended a few conferences over the past few months; first we gave a talk at the Graphical Web Conference in Winchester, UK, followed by Reasons to be Creative in Brighton UK and SmashingConf in Freiburg, Germany. Talking to so many potential users was great for us - we learned a lot about our target audience’s needs and wish-to-haves. Two things really jumped out at us, looking back:

Lots of people were interested in using Animatron in an educational capacity. Quite a few bemoaned the fact that they had to include Adobe Flash in their curriculums, despite thinking it’s completely outdated, because no authoring tools for HTML5 animation exist. They were excited to see that Animatron existed and asked about educational discounts, group / class accounts, and available tutorials.

We do offer student and educational discounts on a case-by-case basis at the moment (email We aim to have group accounts available by early January, and we do have plenty of tutorials available - and in the next few days, we’ll be adding a suggested 8-week curriculum to our website that instructors can use to teach Animatron!

Secondly, visitors to our stand often asked to see examples of a project’s exported HTML5 and SVG code. We’ll be doing an upcoming blog post dedicated to the topic, but in the meantime you can open this simple project and export to HTML5 or animated SVG from the main menu to take a look.

People everywhere wanted the ability to add interactive events to their animations - click to open a link, mouse hover triggering some animation, or clicking from one scene to another, for example. We’ve had the ability to add interactivity for a while, but we recently took it out of commission to rehaul the API and make it a more user-friendly feature. We’re fine-tuning and testing the new version now, it’ll be back within the next month.

We’ll be attending two more conferences in November - the Future of Web Design conference in New York City on November 3rd - 5th as well as the HTML5 Communications Summit in San Jose, CA on November 18th and 19th - so if you’re at either of these events, come by and say hello!