Scenes are convenient way to organize your project in time and reduce the number of layers shown in the layers panel. You can think of them like folders on your computer - each scene is a self-contained unit made up of different elements (images, objects, audio, tweens, etc.) that can be moved around in time.

Click on the “Scenes” tab next to the Library to open the list of a project’s scenes. The order in which the scenes appear, from top to bottom, is the order in which they appear in the project.

Add a new scene by pressing the + icon. The new scene will be inserted at the bottom of the list, i.e., at the end of the project, by default.

Select a scene and press the Duplicate icon to create a copy of it. Copying scenes is a handy way to preserve some elements when you move from one scene to the next - for example, background images or objects. The duplicated scene will appear directly underneath the original.

Scenes are named “Scene 1,” “Scene 2,” etc. (in order of their creation) by default, but you can rename them by double-clicking on them in the Scenes list or in the Inspector Panel of a selected scene.

To change the order in which the scenes play, select a scene and drag it up and down the list.

Delete a scene by selecting it and pressing the trash can icon.

You can also add interactivity to a scene by clicking on the scroll icon in the Inspector Panel …

… and set the duration of the scene. This last one is particularly important! Your scenes will naturally follow each other throughout the course of your project, but you have to set how long they will play for. Each scene will only play for as long as its duration is set, which means that if the scene in the above example is ten seconds long, it will still only be playing for .05 seconds.

You can decrease and increase the duration of a scene by clicking and dragging the underlined field left and right (protip: all underlined fields in Animatron can be changed in this way), or by entering a value manually.

The duration of a scene is visually represented on the timeline by a red line at the endpoint.

In addition to changing the value in a scene’s Inspector Panel, you can drag the knob at the top of the red line along the timeline to change the duration of the scene.