Working With Keyframes: An Option for Every Workflow

While developing Animatron, we’ve had hours and hours of discussions about user experience design and how to design our tool’s UI to give users the most intuitive experience. Since the timeline is basically the backbone of Animatron - it’s where you control all the animation in your project, after all! - we’ve given especially careful consideration to it, and we’ve implemented a multitude of different ways to interact with the keyframes and tweens that the timeline contains.

You can select multiple keyframes by holding the Command key (⌘) while clicking on the keyframes …

… Or, you can also select multiple keyframes by holding Command and dragging:

Holding the Shift key while clicking selects all keyframes between two points horizontally or vertically:

Once you’ve selected a few keyframes (or even just one, of course), just drag them anywhere you’d like on the timeline:

Holding Shift while you’re dragging a keyframe will move it (and any that come before or after it along the timeline, depending on which direction you’re dragging in) proportionally within their time band …

… And holding Shift while changing the length of a time band itself will move all the band’s keyframes proportionally:

You can copy, cut, paste, and insert keyframes (huge timesaver!):

And finally, you can delete keyframes by simply pressing the Delete key or from within the Context Menu:

One last thing: if you expand a layer to show the individual tweens, you can delete them one-by-one from the layers panel, which is particularly helpful if you drop an animated object onto the canvas from the library but you don’t want all of its tweens.