Three New Vector Editing Tools

We’ve been working like crazy to add new tools and features to Animatron, and we’re excited to debut three recent additions to our toolbar: Eraser, Lasso, and Bucket.

These tools are really quite unusual to see in a vector tool, since usually they’re found in the raster world rather than the vector world where Animatron resides. They also work on animated clips that contain nested elements, which is unique.

Take a look at the Eraser tool (keyboard shortcut: E) - it looks like this:

Here’s our Hero, happily bouncing up and down - he’s a composite element with some tweens and easings added:

Unfortunately for him, I’m going to use the Eraser tool to remove his midsection (sorry Hero, everyone has bad days).

As you can see, losing a significant chunk of his body bothers him not at all, he’ll just keep on bouncing as he was before:

Next, let’s look at the Lasso tool (keyboard shortcut: L) - it looks like this:

Using the Lasso tool is super easy - simply drag a freehand selection around the object or area you want to select. You’ll see the selected area bounded by a dotted line, like this:

And then hit Delete to remove the selected area.

Just like with the Eraser tool, it makes no difference to the Hero:

Now, here’s the Bucket tool (keyboard shortcut: F) - it looks like this:

So far we’ve looked at two tools that help you get rid of parts of objects, but the Bucket tool is actually the opposite - instead of removing part of the object, it fills on top of the composite object, creating a new element instead of replacing the original.

I used the Bucket tool to fill the Hero’s torso:

But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the yellow is actually a separate, newly created element. Notice it in the Layers panel as well:

Because the new element is a vector, it resizes perfectly (no matter how big or small):

With the use of SVGs in web development on the increasing - since of course everyone wants to display crisp, clear images at any size - we’re happy to be able offer Animatron users these tools in a vector editor.

Thoughts or suggestions? Drop us a note. Stay tuned for more new features being added!

-Catherine Arizan

Marketing Manager