All of Your Dreams Are Coming True at Once: Introducing Paid Subscriptions!

Great news: paid subscription plans are now available! It’s a huge step forward for Animatron and we’ve rolled out some new features that our users have been asking for, including the ability to make projects private and to download projects as standalone HTML5 so you can host your work yourself.

I’ll outline the fundamentals of each type of plan below, but first things first: each project has two sets of permissions, one related to its visibility in the Animatron Gallery on our website, and the other related to the project’s read / write accessibility in the Editor. You can mix and match the sharing settings and permissions (depending on your plan) to customize the best levels of access for each of your projects.

Here are the website settings you can choose from:

And the settings available for projects in the Editor:

And now onto the plans themselves!

Guest ($0, no signup required)

Guest accounts exist to give users the opportunity to take the Editor for a test run and see if Animatron is what they’re looking for (without having to give us your email address). Guest users can create one project and can publish it in HTML5 format. This project will be unlisted, so it won’t show up in the Gallery. Only those with the project’s direct URL can open the project in the Editor, and the project cannot be copied or edited. Guest Accounts expire 14 days from creation.

Free ($0 with registration)

Register with your email address or using your Google / Facebook account to create up to 20 projects, all of them public. Anyone can open the project in the Editor, as well as copy it or elements of it, but you can choose to make the Editor version modifiable or not. You can import images, SVGs, and audio to use in your projects, and you can publish to HTML5 and GIF formats.

Basic ($5.99/mo or $59.99/year)

The Basic Plan allows you to create unlimited public projects and up to 5 private or unlisted projects. The projects can always be opened in the Editor, though you can choose to make it copyable / modifiable or not. Basic plans allow you to download and upload your work in .ANM format so you can keep a backup copy locally. You can publish to HTML5, GIF, and SD video formats.

Pro ($19.99/mo or $199.99/year)

The Pro Plan allows you to create unlimited projects with any combination of sharing and permissions options that you’d like. Pro users have full access to all features and functionality of the Editor. You can publish your work in HTML5, GIF, and HD video formats, as well as download your project and all its related assets as a standalone HTML5 file so you can host the project yourself.

To usher in this new era of Animatron, we’re giving away 1 month of free membership to either the Basic or Pro plans! Just click on your user icon in the upper right corner of the Editor, select “Upgrade” from the menu, and pick your plan. Then enter WOWSUCHANIMATRON into the promo code field and you’ll be on your way! (Don’t worry, you can cancel any time).

Are we missing anything? Do you think these options are too complicated? Have a feature request, or some compliments / criticism? Let us know, please.

We’ll be introducing a bunch of other changes and improvements in the coming weeks, including a brand new website and the addition of vector artwork libraries to the Editor. Stay tuned!

- Catherine Arizan Marketing Manager