Animatron Contest!

We’re excited to announce our very first contest!

Entering is super easy: just create an animation in Animatron, then share the link to the published version on our Facebook page or @Animatron on Twitter. An impartial panel of judges (ok, members of the Animatron team) will watch all of them and award prizes to the first, second, and third place entries.

First Place: $150 Visa card Second Place: $100 Visa card Third Place: $50 Visa card

You have total artistic freedom regarding your animation. Basic or complex, serious or funny, short or long - it’s completely up to you. The only rules are that you have to submit your project by May 26th, and that Animatron employees can’t participate (sorry!).

We’re looking forward to checking out everyone’s submissions. Good luck!

-The Animatron Team