Meet an Animator: Tab Lambert

Where do you live?

Ottawa, Ontario

Did you study at a school or are you self-taught?

I have an animation degree, but learnt a lot more once I got into the animation field.

How long have you been animating, and what made you become interested in it?

I have been in the industry for 2 years, now but I went to school for 3 years and have been animating pretty much since high school. What made me interested into going into animation is actually a bit peculiar, I guess: I’ve always had good artistic skills but I didn’t know if I wanted to be an artist for a living. I wanted something challenging for myself. I saw the breakdown of an animation one year on one of those “behind the scenes” footage. I saw how complex and challenging it looked. I instantly fell in love and started looking for courses that could provide me with knowledge on how to get into the animation world. I’m still far from the greatest animator but I have a lot of fun and I love what I do.

Do any particular styles or animators inspire your work?

Well, for the work I do with Animatron, I try to go more simplistic, like the intros to movies such as “Hard Candy” and “Catch Me if you Can.” As for my regular work, I really enjoy many different styles. For the animated short that I put up on my blog, I tried to take some inspiration from the UPA animation era - more artsy, but also with a touch of traditional WB cartoony timing. My style and inspiration all depends on the project itself. I try and keep an open mind on any given project to let it flow freely and look natural.

Besides animation, what are you interested in?

Other than drawing, painting and animating. I also enjoy video / board games. I like biking / walking / generally any form of exercise. I also love reading, playing freeform piano and even a bit of photography from time to time.

Tab’s Animatron projects can be found here; check out the rest of her work on her blog, Tumblr, and Vimeo!