Recreating an After Effects Video Using Animatron. Part I

Last autumn, we worked with a company called Grumo Media to put together a product explainer video for Animatron. We loved the finished product … but we knew we’d love it even more if the animation was done in Animatron rather than After Effects.

So, in our latest tutorial series, our animator is going to walk you through the process of recreating scenes from the After Effects video using Animatron. You can open the complete Animatron project here. Enjoy Part 1 above!

A little bit about the animator and creator of this series:

Bryce Struck was a self-taught Flash Animator by the ripe age of 12; he grew up learning from the greatest Disney movies, looney tunes, and any classic early-morning Nickelodeon cartoon you can think of! During the golden years of cartoon animation and the newly-envisioned 3D animation and gaming of its time, he was entranced by learning how to draw characters and animate life into them, and ultimately he stretched his yearning into higher-learning!

While earning his BS in Computer Animation from Full Sail University, Bryce developed a unique passion for interactive worlds and 3D Art. From that point on, he’s enveloped his life in the world of animation and 3D graphics, leaving no stone upturned. As a student of life, animation has shown him how to analyze, dissect and reverse engineer everything he runs into on a daily basis.

When he’s not obsessing over designing game and movie ideas, Bryce find a great deal of joy fixing things in the garage, working on his car, being outdoors and being with family.