Our New Explainer Video

We are excited to share our brand-new explainer video with the world!

A couple of months ago, as we were preparing for the public release of Animatron, we started thinking about creating an explainer video. At first, we were confident that we could handle the entire process ourselves - write a script, come up with a concept, design and animate the video, etc. But as the release date crept closer and closer, we realized that we needed some help focusing our thoughts. After all, Animatron is our baby! Every feature, each tool, all the deeply-thought-out UI elements … everything seemed important to us. How would we decide what to focus on in a 60-second video?

We decided to seek professional help. And so the research began: I read probably every blog post that has ever been written about creating explainer videos. I scrolled through hundreds of portfolios, talked with agencies and freelancers, and clicked on every link in this Quora post; by my conservative estimate, I’ve watched at least 10,000 different explainer videos by now. Eventually (mostly drawn in by this great PadMapper video they did) we decided to work with Grumo Media.

Once we started working with Dan, the Creative Director at Grumo, the pieces started falling into place very quickly. We’re super happy with the results! We’re also planning some new short animations featuring the cavemen characters, so stay tuned …