Snap to Path

One of our software’s newest features is called “Snap to Path” - at least, that’s what we’re calling it at the moment, after struggling to come up with a better title. Take a look at what it does and email us with better ideas about what to name it!

Snap to Path allows you to create your own custom path to move your object(s) along. It can be a rectangle, a spiral, or in the shape of your favorite sandwich - Animatron understands your needs, does not judge you, and will help you create any path that your heart desires.

Step One: Draw Your Path

Using the Pencil tool, draw a path. Pick whatever color you’d like to use from the “Stroke” box in the Inspector Panel.


Step Two: Add Your Object

You can draw an object in Animatron, or your can import an image to work with. We’re going to work with an object that we imported, for simplicity’s sake.


Step Three: Snap Object to Path

Here’s where the magic happens: select your path, hit Control-C to copy it, and then select your object. Right click on your object and select “Snap to Path.” Then, delete your original, colored path.

That’s it!


Ladies and gentlemen, your finished product:

You can easily use the Snap to Path feature to create more complex animations. To make the clip below, we built a maze using the Rectangle tool, drew a path, and imported an image of a mouse to run through it.

If you select “Orient Object to Path” in the Inspector Panel, you can even make the mouse turn as he runs around corners!