Path Finder

You can easily create simple shapes like rectangles, ovals, etc. in Animatron. You can even draw completely new shapes using the Pencil or Bezier tools, but it may be time consuming. We recently added yet another way to create shapes - it’s easy and powerful, but probably needs some explaining (especially if you are not expert in Illustrator or other vector editors).


I’m talking about combining shapes using so-called “boolean operations:”

  • Union
  • Intersection
  • Split
  • Cut

In Illustrator, this feature is called Path Finder which implies that it helps you find a new path (i.e. shape). It is called Path Finder in Animatron as well, although I am not sure we will be sticking with the name, as it’s a bit confusing.

At the moment, the Path Finder feature is rather experimental. It allows you to quickly create a new shape by deleting shapes that comprise it. We are planning to extend the feature in the future so that you can “unlock” the resulting shape, change the original components, and “lock” it again.

Enough talk for now! Let me show what each operation does.


This is probably the simplest of the operations. Put several shapes on one layer, right click on the layer, and choose Path Finder -> Union from the contect menu. All the shapes on this layer are merged into one - a union!


The resulting shape takes its fill and stroke color from the top original shape.



This operation creates a shape which is shared area common to all the original shapes.



This operation split the original shapes along the intersection lines.


It’s somewhat hard to explain, but easy to visualize (especially with Animatron): see Split in action.


In Animatron it’s called “Cut from Bottom” because that is literally what it does: it cuts all the shapes from the bottom one (except the bottom shape itself, of course):


In this example, red stars were cut from a green oval and now you can see the tiger underneath the oval.

Hopefully the Path Finder tool will simplify the creation of new cool shapes in Animatron!